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Hot Servings of Daily News

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Imagine getting tomorrows newspaper today. Sounds impossible and bizarre, right? But this has been the theme of one television show a few years back. Kind of a futuristic show that allows one man to know beforehand what will happen tomorrow, hence, he has the ability to stop an accident and change a persons life forever. Funny how one paper can change the entire future.

Newspapers have been around since the Roman Empire. The urge to inform the public of official developments and announcement gave way to the first newspaper in history. Until today, newspapers are used to inform, notify and even humor the public. Everyday thousands of newspapers are printed from all over the world. You can just imagine the hardwork and dedication that reporters, editors, photographers and printers put into producing one edition. They stay up all night gathering news, writing and editing them so that by the time you set your eyes on your breakfast, the morning paper is next to your coffee and bacon. But have you ever thought of how these newspapers get printed? How newspaper companies are able to effectively deliver the news crisp and fresh everyday? Well, you must have though of these...

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